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How Dental Implants Work – Spring Hill, Tennessee

The Implant Tooth Replacement Process

At Family Dental Associates of Spring Hill, we offer patients a wide range of dental care solutions to meet any need, schedule, or budget. When it comes to tooth replacement, we almost always encourage our patients to at least consider a dental implant tooth replacement plan. These are the only restoration options that replace both the tooth’s root and the crown (visible part of the tooth). While the placement and restoration of a dental implant supported crown, bridge, or denture does take a little more time and a larger monetary investment, the results are longer lasting and more natural feeling and functioning than other tooth replacement options. If you’re interested in learning more, call our Spring Hill dental office to schedule your tooth replacement consultation today.

Dentist explaining dental implant model to patientPreparatory Treatments

Before we get started with your implant supported tooth replacement plan, we’ll want to perform a complete evaluation of your current oral and overall health as well as your health history and any past surgical experiences. This includes a review of all medications to ensure no health condition or medication will adversely impact the success of your dental implant treatment plan. Then, we’ll plan any necessary preparatory treatments that may include one or more of the following services:

  • Restorative services to improve oral health prior to treatment, including gum disease therapy
  • Bone grafts to increase the density of supportive alveolar bone structures
  • Soft tissue grafts may also be necessary to ensure the maximum chances for successful implant placement
  • Medication and health history review with you and/or your employer

Dentist explaining implants to patientThe Dental Implant Placement Process

Once your smile is prepared, we will place your dental implant posts. This is a minor surgical procedure. We start by making an incision in the soft tissue. Then, the dental implant post is inserted into the supportive structure. A protective cap is placed to allow the surgical site to heal and let the implant fuse with the gum and jawbone tissues.

Dentist showing patient implant modelAbutment Placement & Restoration Design

After the dental implants have fused with the gum line, we attach abutments. These pieces are used to affix the implant to the restorations. When the abutments are in place, we will design your dental crown, bridge, or denture that will be crafted by our dental lab technicians using the highest quality materials.

Man looking at smile in mirrorReplacement Teeth

The final step of the process is the attachment of your custom-crafted dental crown, bridge, or denture. Once in place, these implant supported restorations will look, feel, and function just like your healthy, beautiful smile.