Dentist in Spring Hill Discusses Expired Dental Products

February 11, 2018

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Dental productsAs you clean out your cabinets, it is not uncommon to find expired food that you know needs to be throw away, but what about dental products that have exceeded their recommended usage date? We have all used expired shampoos or soaps without any issues developing, but dental products are different. Depending on the type of product, your dentist in Spring Hill will likely recommend that you do not use it.


Most toothpastes have a 2-year manufacture date. Although it is not dangerous to use one that has passed its expiration date, it will not be as effective as it once was. In fact, it will lose its fluoride strength and its minty taste will likely fade. As a result, it will not clean or protect your teeth as well as it will lose some of its plaque-fighting capabilities. If you are in a bind and do not have any other toothpaste on-hand, it is fine to use it once or twice, but you will want to replace it with a new tube right away.

Dental Floss

Dental floss does not expire; however, after 1-year, it will start to lose its flavor. When using floss that has been sitting in a cabinet for a while, be sure that it is not fraying while you use it. If it does, you should replace it.


An unopened toothbrush will never expire, but it should be replaced about every 3 to 4 months after use. The more you use a toothbrush, the less effective it will be as time goes on. It will eventually begin to fray, causing it to not clean your teeth as well. As a result, it is best to replace it when it begins to show signs of wear, after a couple of months, or after you have had an illness.


Most mouthwashes contain alcohol or another antiseptic as an active ingredient. In addition, they have a high-water percentage. After about 2 or 3 years, the antiseptic will begin to dissolve, leaving the mouthrinse more water than anything. Therefore, if it is used past its expiration date, it will not stop bacteria growth very well. Instead, it is best to replace it right away.

Replacing Dental Products

When it comes to your oral hygiene, it is best to always throw a product away if you are in doubt as to whether it is safe– even if it is not past its expiration date. If its color, texture, or smell has changed, it is best to buy a new one to prevent causing damage to your smile.

In addition to your home oral hygiene care, it is best to maintain your semi-annual appointments with your dentist for a cleaning and checkup for healthy teeth and gums.

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