Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment – Spring Hill, TN

Preserve Your Gums with Periodontal Therapy in Spring Hill

Gum disease is exactly what it sounds like – a chronic disease that affects the gum tissue. It results from a buildup of plaque and bacteria in the mouth, and once it takes hold, it can be very difficult to control. If you have gum disease, fear not! Family Dental Associates of Spring Hill is committed to helping you maintain your oral health. Our deep cleanings and periodontal treatments are thorough, effective, and gentle.


Why Choose Family Dental Associates of Spring Hill for Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment?

  • Focused on Comfort and Personalized Care
  • Multiple Options for Antibiotic Therapy
  • Warm and Friendly Dental Environment


Facts About Gum Disease

  • 80% of adults have some form of gum disease
  • 70% of tooth loss is attributed to gum disease
  • 42% of dentists say gum disease is the most pressing oral health issue
  • 20% higher healthcare costs are normal for people with gum disease

In addition, gum disease has been linked to such systemic illnesses as heart disease, diabetes, and low birth-weight babies. In fact, people with unregulated gum disease are TWICE as likely to develop heart disease.

Found and treated in the early stage, gum disease can be thwarted before it gets out of control. Our dental hygienist will examine your gums and record important information during your cleaning visits. If she finds that you are prone to gum disease or have the condition, she’ll recommend treatment. Most often, scaling, root planing, and antibiotic therapy during a “deep cleaning” appointment will effectively eliminate the infection. Then, we’ll monitor your gums at three-month recall visits until your gums return to their optimal health.

If your gums are red, swollen, puffy, tender, or bleed whenever you brush your teeth, you may already have gum disease, so be sure to contact our office today to get treatment. The earlier we catch it, the easier it will be to treat!

Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are parts of the two-step deep cleaning process that we use to get rid of the bacteria that’s causing inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Scaling is when we remove any plaque and tartar from around and beneath the gum line, whereas root planing is the process of smoothing out the roots of the teeth. That second step is important because bacteria can’t accumulate as easily on a smooth tooth root.

Antibiotic Therapy

During your periodontal appointment, we’ll strive to remove as much harmful bacteria as possible, but there will likely still be some left in the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. As such, we often prescribe antibiotic therapy to ensure we completely eliminate any infection. Depending on your situation, we might either prescribe Arestin (which is placed in the pockets between your teeth and gums) or Doxycycline (which is typically swallowed).