Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Spring Hill, TN

Ask Your Spring Hill Dentist

You have dental questions, and we’re eager to answer them! You’re always welcome to call our team and ask whatever is on your mind, and below, you’ll find our responses to some of the most common questions we receive every day.

Do you see children at your practice?

As a family dental practice, we see children beginning at age three. At this age, children can begin their independent checkups and dental cleanings to monitor their development and remove dental plaque. Our hygienists will also coach your children on proper brushing and flossing techniques and help them learn the importance of their oral health. We look forward to setting your child on the road to optimal oral health starting at a young age.

What are my options to replace missing teeth?

We have several state-of-the-art solutions for tooth replacement. The most popular solutions are porcelain bridges and dental implants. A porcelain bridge can be made without metal, so you can avoid the dark line that shows at the base of many bridges. For a more permanent solution, however, we recommend dental implants, which will replace a missing tooth’s root, as well as the crown. Unlike many other local practices, we can both place and restore your implants right here in our office.

Bad breath is normal, right?

No! Chronic bad breath doesn’t have to be a fact of life…you can even eliminate morning breath! The key to persistent fresh breath is flossing. Add this simple, 2-minute action to your daily routine, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your breath. Bad breath may also be a sign of gum disease, tooth decay, or nasal drip, so if the problem persists, visit our office, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! We love helping people gain confidence in their smiles.

How can I prevent cavities?

Cavities are one of the most common – and most preventable – dental problems. A cavity results when plaque stays on the teeth for an extended period of time. The bacteria in plaque flourishes on foods rich in sugars, including candy, soft drinks, and carbohydrates. Preventing cavities is often as simple as brushing after meals, avoiding snacks, and flossing to remove plaque from between the teeth. If you’re cavity-prone, you might consider rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash to help strengthen tooth enamel, and regular visits to our office will allow us to monitor your oral health, as well as clean areas that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Can the dentist help with my headaches?

A variety of issues can lead to chronic headaches. One common factor is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Millions of Americans have this condition, and it refers to when the jaw joints and muscles misalign. If you have TMD, your facial muscles work harder to find a comfortable position, and the extra stress and tension can result in headaches, migraines, and facial pain. At Family Dental Associates of Spring Hill, we offer effective treatments for TMD. Headache relief might be as simple as wearing a custom nightguard while you sleep.

How can I have straighter teeth without wearing braces?

Straight teeth are a valuable asset to your health and self-esteem, but who wants to wear metal braces? For adults, we offer several alternatives. Depending on your needs, we may recommend bonding, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, or Reveal clear aligners. Bonding closes gaps and covers stains in just one visit. With porcelain veneers and crowns, we can change the size, shape, and color of your teeth in just a few visits. Call for a consultation to learn which options are right for you.

What are immediate-load dentures?

Immediate-load dentures are dentures that can be secured with implants in a single day. We typically do this with mini dental implants. These toothpick-sized implants are placed in one visit without the need for invasive surgery. The implants hold the denture in place to eliminate slipping, clicking, and discomfort. Best of all, the entire procedure is often completed in a single visit!