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Enjoy Anxiety-Free Visits with Sedation Dentistry in Spring Hill

woman sleeping in chairIt’s no secret to us that millions of people have some type of dental fear or anxiety, and this often prevents them from seeking out the care that they need. We feel for these patients, which is why we offer sedation dentistry at Family Dental Associates. These techniques allow us to calm nervous minds, protect you from pain, and make it just that much easier for you to take care of your teeth. It’s also useful for patients who are short on time who want to get multiple treatments completed in one visit. Regardless, sedation dentistry enables us to help more people than ever before. If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, don’t worry, we can help you! Simply contact our office today and ask about sedation.

woman talking to dentistIV Sedation

IV sedation is the strongest form of sedation we offer, and we use it for patients with extreme dental anxiety, those undergoing oral surgery, or patients who have difficulty sitting still for an entire appointment. For this, our doctor will administer the sedative via a painless injection in your arm. IV sedation is very fast acting, so you’ll feel relaxed almost as soon as it enters your blood stream. This method allows us to easily adjust your sedation level throughout your procedure so we can ensure your comfort the entire time. Our team is specially trained to use this technique, and this will help us ensure both your comfort and safety during your procedure. We’re one of the few practices in the area that is certified to use IV sedation, and we love it because it enables us to help our most nervous patients completely relax.

This method of sedation is ideal for patients who have a lot of anxiety about visiting the dentist. To get it, simply let your doctor know that you are feeling nervous, and they may choose to prescribe you medication to take the day of your procedure. It will help you physically and mentally relax, and in many cases, patients leave our office with little to no memory of the treatment they’ve just had.

Learn More About Oral Conscious Sedation

nitrous oxide maskNitrous Oxide Sedation

If you’re only a little nervous about your upcoming dental visit, nitrous oxide sedation is probably perfect for you. More commonly known as “laughing gas,” you’ll inhale this colorless and odorless gas through a small mask placed on your nose. Within a minute, you’ll feel a warm, comforting sensation. Once your procedure is completed, the mask will be removed and the effects will wear off almost instantly. You’ll be able to go on with your day normally right afterward.