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Relax with Oral Conscious Sedation in Spring Hill

woman laying with hands behind headOne of the most common phobias in the world is dental phobia, or fear of visiting the dentist. This causes many people each year to avoid dental care, and in the long run, they only end up suffering more severe oral health problems. They just need a little help to get in the door, and at Family Dental Associates, we have just the solution: oral conscious sedation. This simple and easy to use sedation technique allows even the most nervous patient to take care of their teeth without dealing with fear or anxiety.

woman and doctor walking about smileWhat is Oral Conscious Sedation?

At our office, we always make our sedation techniques available to every patient in case they need them. We’ll ask you about how you feel about your upcoming appointment, and you can be honest and say if you’re afraid. We treat nervous patients every day, so we completely understand and will never judge you. If you answer yes, Dr. Allyson Kelly may choose to use oral conscious sedation.

For this, they will prescribe you medication, most likely in pill-form, to take the day of your procedure. You will take it at home so that by the time you reach the office, you’ll be completely sedated and calm. Patients describe it as if a warm blanket is covering their entire body, and it often helps time fly by extremely quickly. You’ll still be awake during the procedure, but you’ll be in such a relaxed state that you’ll probably have a fuzzy memory afterward. Because it is so effective, we require that you have a trusted person or family member drive you to and from the office the day of your appointment.

man with beard smilingThe Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation can help patients who:

  • Have severe dental anxiety
  • Avoid dental care because of this anxiety
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Typically don’t respond to local anesthetic
  • Cannot sit in the treatment chair comfortably because of neck or back problems

If any of these qualities describe you, oral conscious sedation may be your answer. If you have any questions about it, or if you want to schedule an appointment using oral conscious sedation, simply contact our office today.