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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Spring Hill

Damaged or missing teeth can significantly impact the look, feel, and function of your smile. At Family Dental Associates at Campbell Station, we do our best to help patients avoid oral health concerns with a focus on preventive dental care. If you do experience dental damage or tooth decay, please call our Spring Hill dental office right away. Left untreated, almost any dental health concern will gradually worsen, so the sooner we get to work repairing dental damage –the better. For a moderately damaged tooth, we offer dental crowns, and when a tooth needs to be removed, a fixed bridge restoration can restore the full function of your smile.

Dental Crowns

Model smile with dental crown

Crowns are dental restorations that fit completely over the top of a tooth to create flawless form and function. We can craft dental crowns from a variety of materials depending on your unique needs and treatment goals. Crowns are made from gold, porcelain fused to metal, and all ceramic.

Indications for Dental Crowns

We’ll recommend dental crowns in a number of situations, including:

  • To repair your smile following dental damage, tooth decay, or the loss of a large filling
  • To correct or conceal cosmetic dental flaws
  • To protect and fortify teeth following root canal therapy
  • To replace missing teeth when attached to a dental implant or used to support a fixed bridge restoration

Fixed Bridges

Model smile with fixed bridge restoration

A fixed bridge is a tooth replacement prosthetic that supports one or more replacement teeth with dental crowns attached to surrounding healthy teeth. The replacement tooth, called a pontic, is fused to two dental crowns. Then, the entire prosthetic is cemented into place attached to teeth on either side of the empty socket.

The Restoration Process

Repairing your smile with a dental crown or bridge takes just two appointments. At your first visit, we’ll examine your smile and prepare your tooth or teeth. We remove any damaged tissues, but we’ll also need to remove a small amount of enamel around the tooth to allow the crown to fit within your smile. Once the tooth or teeth are prepared, we capture bite impressions that reflect your prepared tooth that our dental lab uses to craft your crown or bridge. To protect your smile between appointments, we place a temporary dental crown or bridge. When we receive your final restoration, you’ll return to our office for the second appointment. At this shorter visit, we’ll simply remove your temporary and cement your custom crown or bridge into place, recreating your flawless, healthy smile.

Caring for Your Smile

Smiling man in dental chair

After your smile has been repaired using a dental crown or fixed bridge, you’ll still need to brush twice a day and floss daily as well as visiting us twice a year for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. While your crown or bridge isn’t susceptible to tooth decay, the surrounding teeth are, so you still need to remove stuck on foods and plaque to maintain optimal oral health. To avoid wearing away your dental restoration materials, we’ll recommend using minimally abrasive oral hygiene products. During your dental exams, we can review your products and help you make the most of your daily hygiene routine to keep your smile healthy and functional for years to come.