What are the Benefits of Tooth Extraction?

June 8, 2023

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A closeup of an extracted tooth held by dental forceps

As it happens, qualified dentists view tooth-pulling as a last resort. They’ll only perform it when there’s no better option available. That said, the benefits of tooth extraction are actually many and varied. The treatment has a range of upsides despite its somewhat fearsome reputation. If you want to learn about them, your local Spring Hill dentist will happily explain. Here are four real but lesser-known benefits of the tooth extraction procedure.

It Offers Pain Relief

Severe toothaches often stem from an underlying infection. When infected, a pearly white’s nerves can signal pain to the brain. However, sometimes the infected tooth can’t be treated with root canal therapy; the infection may be too deep for that approach. As such, leaving the tooth in your mouth will cause the pain to grow.

Given these facts, tooth extraction can be a welcome source of pain relief. It would remove the source of your discomfort quickly, effectively, and hassle-free.

It Helps Manage Gum Disease

As you might know, gum disease is an infection of your gums. It often makes the normally-pink tissue red, swollen, and sore. Among other things, though, the condition also causes gum recession that can loosen teeth. In doing so, it may lead to more bacteria accumulating in your gums’ pockets.

Fortunately, an extraction can help manage gum disease. Pulling the problem tooth would increase your comfort and allow your dentist to perform effective periodontal therapy.

It Saves Your Other Teeth

Thankfully, an untreated tooth infection won’t just stay put. Its harmful bacteria will spread to surrounding teeth if left alone. From there, even your other pearly whites could get infected and, eventually, fall out of your mouth. Your smile and oral health would then decline drastically.

Still, avoiding this outcome with early tooth extraction is possible. By pulling the first tooth while there’s still time, a dentist would prevent further infections and save your other teeth. Your smile as a whole would then be safe!

It Can Beautify Your Smile

Sometimes, dental patients have crooked teeth due to overcrowding. In other words, they have more teeth than their mouth can properly fit. This condition leads to an unseemly smile and a higher risk of gum disease, tooth decay, jaw pain, and more. Left unchecked, then, it ruins your oral health and your looks.

On the Brightside, overcrowding can be fixed with tooth extraction. Pulling an extra molar would let the other teeth adjust to their proper places.

As you can see, you’ll find several benefits of tooth extraction if you look hard enough. So, don’t hesitate to get treatment if and when it’s necessary!

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