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5 Signs Your Veneers Need to Be Replaced

March 7, 2021

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Dentist replacing veneers to restore a beautiful smile.Not everyone is born with a picture-perfect smile. Veneers are a great solution to enhance the appearance of your teeth using a minimally invasive procedure. The thin shells can cover a variety of aesthetic issues using just one treatment. Modern veneers are thinner than ever, but they are durable. In fact, they can last for a decade or longer before needing to be replaced, but eventually, you will need new ones. How can you tell when it’s time to switch them out? Here are 5 of the most common signs you need to begin replacing veneers.


How to Make a Smooth Transition from Dentures to Dental Implants

January 21, 2021

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Woman with dental implant

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your dentures, the good news is that the is another option out there. While dentures are a great option and can be lifechanging for patients who are missing most of or all of their teeth, they aren’t for everyone. There are still some downsides that aren’t so desirable. Fortunately, dental implants in Spring Hill can provide a variety of benefits that dentures can’t. Continue reading to learn what the benefits are as well as some tips for making the transition.


5 Cosmetic Benefits of Dental Implants

January 11, 2021

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Woman with dental implant

If you’re worried about how your smile looks because of your missing teeth, the good news is that there is a solution! With modern dental technology, you have a variety of different options when if comes to replacing them. A preferred method by patients and dentists alike is dental implants because of their many different advantages. Continue reading to learn about the different cosmetic benefits of dental implants in Spring Hill.


4 Reasons to Greet 2021 with a Smile and a Dental Checkup

December 12, 2020

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Man visiting Spring Hill dentist for dental checkup

Health is often a top priority for many people at the beginning of a new year, especially now more than ever before. Instead of switching to a crazy dieting plan or running a mile every morning, set a more reasonable health goal this year by scheduling your dental checkup! These biannual visits to your Spring Hill dentist are a great way to keep your smile and body healthy, and there’s no better time for your checkup than January!


Five Ways to Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits

November 21, 2020

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If you’ve looked at the calendar recently and felt shocked to see that January 2021 is right around the corner, you’re not alone! This year will be over before you know it, and as it ends, you may be like many others who still haven’t taken advantage of their dental insurance benefits. You make a monthly investment to them, so it’s important to make use of them while you can. Your local dentist in Spring Hill shares five helpful tips to maximize your coverage and save money before the year ends.


5 Issues That Could Keep You from Getting Dental Implants

October 17, 2020

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dental implant in Spring Hill next to natural tooth

In terms of replacing lost teeth, dental implants are often considered the gold standard. Not only do they provide the highest number of cosmetic and oral health benefits, but they also have a remarkably higher success rate than traditional solutions to tooth loss, such as dentures and dental bridges. In fact, they’re more than 95% successful, even after more than 10 years. However, not everyone is a candidate for dental implants in Spring Hill. Here are five problems that could potentially prevent you from getting this treatment.


Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants? Here Are 4 Factors to Consider

August 20, 2020

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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are by far the most comprehensive option. Because they replace teeth from the roots up, they offer significantly more benefits than traditional bridges or dentures. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is an ideal candidate for this life-changing treatment. Are you considering getting dental implants in Spring Hill? If so, here are four factors that would make you a good candidate for them.


Enter to Win Our Summer Fun Giveaway!

July 15, 2020

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young girl enjoying s'more by lake during summer

As COVID-19 continues to afflict our country, families are enjoying socially distant ways to enjoy summer. Many are even remaining at home for a lovely staycation. As your dentist in Spring Hill, we want to help you enhance your summertime fun! That’s why we are hosting an awesome giveaway. In this blog post, you’ll discover what the grand prize is, how you can enter to win it, and how our team feels about our family of patients.


7 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Your Overall Health

June 23, 2020

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Healthy couple smiles after visiting their Spring Hill cosmetic dentist

Everyone wants a dazzling set of pearly whites to show off to the world. However, did you know that improving your smile can benefit more than just your appearance? In fact, there are numerous ways that a beautiful smile can help keep your mouth healthier in the long run. Your Spring Hill cosmetic dentist shares seven ways cosmetic dentistry can improve your overall wellbeing.


6 Tips to Avoid a Dental Emergency This Summer

June 17, 2020

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The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and summer is just around the corner! It’s the perfect time of year to relax and enjoy your favorite seasonal activities with friends and family. However, your fun in the sun could be cut short by a trip to your Spring Hill emergency dentist if you don’t take a few extra precautions. Keep your family’s sunny smiles happy, healthy, and intact all summer long with these six simple tips.

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